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New York City

Chauffeur Car Service

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Welcome to Transportes Hidalgo, a prompt and reliable service within New York City. Our Services can only be booked online or via phonecall and our chat in our website. Tell us your destination and we will provide you a quote. All rides need time of anticipation, we arrive on time and deliver proper service.


A Cultural Journey on Wheels

Transportes Hidalgo Inc.

Meet Hernan Hidalgo Treviño, the visionary Chief Executive Officer behind Transportes Hidalgo Inc., a unique Chauffeur Car Service that transcends the ordinary. A Mexican-American born and raised in the vibrant heart of New York City, specifically Astoria, Queens, Hernan has woven his rich cultural experiences into the fabric of his family-owned company.

Global Inspiration
Hernan's journey is marked by a thirst for knowledge and an appreciation for diverse cultures. Having undertaken various study abroad programs across Europe and Asia, he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance & History from the City University of New York (CUNY) Hunter College.

A Teacher's Heart
As a former teacher with the Department of Education and director of programs with various Non-profit organizations, Hernan's love for learning and fostering connections became a cornerstone of his character. His innate curiosity about other cultures, meeting new people, and savoring different cuisines laid the foundation for Transportes Hidalgo Inc.

The Japanese Touch
During his travels in Japan, Hernan was deeply inspired by the unparalleled service provided by drivers. Going beyond traditional expectations, they acted as reliable guides, helping with translations, exploring landmarks, and recommending local delights. This experience left an indelible mark, influencing Hernan's vision for his own service.

Family-Owned Hospitality
In the spirit of familial warmth and cultural exchange, Transportes Hidalgo Inc. was born. Hernan envisioned a service where every passenger, regardless of their origin, is welcomed as family. Just like a person born and raised in their own city understands its unique offerings, Hernan aims to provide a genuine and personalized experience through his family-owned service.

Musical Director and Entrepreneur
Beyond the realm of transportation, Hernan wears multiple hats. He is the Musical Director and Founder of Mariachi Hidalgo NYC, adding a touch of musical elegance to his repertoire. As the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Transportes Hidalgo Inc., he orchestrates a symphony of hospitality and cultural exchange.

Real Estate Visionary
Not content with a single venture, Hernan extends his entrepreneurial spirit into real estate. As the Chief Executive Officer and a REALTOR with Exp Realty he brings the same dedication and personalized approach to helping clients find their dream homes.


In every aspect of Hernan Hidalgo Treviño's ventures, the thread of cultural appreciation and genuine hospitality weaves a narrative that goes beyond business. Transportes Hidalgo Inc. is not just a chauffeur service; it's a cultural journey on wheels, where every ride is an opportunity to create lasting connections and share the beauty of diverse experiences.

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